Top ten selling errors when showing your home

Worst Seller Errors when showing their homes


1.  Seller stays home

Buyers and their agents need to be able to walk around the house/property without feeling like their every moved is being watched.  Buyers like to talk to their agents freely without the seller hearing their thoughts.

2.  Pets in the house

Pets are a HUGE distraction.  Even when they are locked in their cages, dogs will bark causing the distraction and discomfort for many buyers.  It also makes showing the home much harder as it typical requires a 24 to 48 hour appointment that many buyers cannot give.

3.  House smells unpleasant

Can be caused by leftover cooking, pets and even cigarette smoke.  Even when you smoke outside, your lungs are full of smoke when you go back inside.  As you breath, smoke will still be obvious in the home.

4.  Wild animals in the house

Evidence of roaches is a huge turnoff.  Often times we find bats, raccoons and possums in the attic.  I showed one house that had dozens of snakes, in cages, all over one of the bedrooms.  They smelled terrible and the buyers went running from the house.

5.  Bad home improvements

Some DIY (Do it yourself) jobs look like DIY.  Looks unprofessional and buyer knows they will have to have a professional come in and do it right.

6.  Home not clean

Dirty clothes all over the house, toilets are not clean, beds not made up, dirty dishes, trash stinks and stains in carpet. 

7.  Seller’s private information not put away

Leaving bills out in plain view is risky for the seller and again, makes the buyer feel uncomfortable.

8.  House is dark

Need good lighting for the home to show well.  Make sure all light fixtures have working bulbs.  If the buyer turns on a switch and no lights come on, makes them think you could have electrical problems.

 9.  Rooms locked

Buyers want to see all of the home.  Very concerning to buyers when some rooms are locked and cannot be seen.

10.  Embarrassing photos/publications

Buyers do not want to see nude or revealing photos.