Buyer Obligations

Buyer obligations in an agency agreement include:

1- Compensation (Buyers will not pay for any compensation)
     -Sellers that have listed their homes for sale have already agreed to compensate the all agents.
     -The Success Team will represent you at no charge if you decide to purchase a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) if the FSBO is not willing to pay our compensation so long as we speak to the FSBO prior to you looking at the property.

2- Opportunity

3- Good Conduct

4- Indemnity
      -Includes right to reimbursement of agent expenses

Do you really need legal representation of a real estate agent?


As stated above, buyers will not pay anything for services of the Success Team when the buyer purchases real estate. So many buyers are getting some inaccurate information. It is true that buyers can find real estate for sale on the internet without the help of an agent. Finding the property is not the issue. The issue is to ensure all legal disclosures are made in writing as well as contracts be properly structured. Without legal representation, you could find yourself in a situation costing you thousands of dollars you were not anticipating. With the Success Team, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!