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fixtures Why do Fixtures and Personal Property cause many Real Estate Contracts of Sale to not close.

Fixtures are personal property that has been attached to real property, such as your home.  Real Estate Contracts in South Carolina stipulate that “this sale includes all fixtures currently attached to or planted on the premises.  If you have an item attached to your home and do not intend to leave it, you must un-attach the item before the buyer see’s it.  Once the buyer see’s the property and makes an offer, it is considered to be included in the sale of real estate.  If any personal property is to be included in the sale, both parties must sing a Bill of Sale identifying the property to be conveyed.  If you put personal property in the SC Real Estate Contract, it is not considered valid and is not an enforceable provision in the contract without the Bill of Sale.

auctionAuctioning Real and Personal Property

Mom and Dad have moved out of their home and the house is full of all the “stuff” they have accumulated over the years.  Can you remove the stress and work from having to figure out what to do with all their stuff?  Perhaps an auction could be your answer.  The auctioneer does all the work so you do not have the stress to deal with.  These auctions can be conducted live on site on online.  Online auctions tend to be the more common method.  The auctioneer will take pictures of everything in the home and load them on the website for buyers to just click and bid on each item.  Rafe Dixon, auctioneer, explains the entire process from start to end during this weeks Success in Real Estate Show.   Dubose Logo    What is the purpose of the Home Inspection? David Dubose, owner of Dubose Home Inspection, explains the true purpose of home inspections.  David also discusses the items that are inspected and which items are not inspected.     What is the purpose of the Home Inspection? David Dubose, owner of Dubose Home Inspection, explains the true purpose of home inspections.  David also discusses the items that are inspected and which items are not inspected.     giles  When should I file an insurance claim for weather damage and when should I not? Craig Giles, owner of Giles Insurance Agency, explains when it will be a good idea to file a damage claim and when it will not be good.  Will my insurance premium go up if I file a complaint?  How do I know if I have all the coverage needed when the unexpected damage is caused?  Craig Giles answers all these questions as well as the types of coverage’s most everyone needs but probably does not have.     You have wortrustked hard building your estate, now we have to protect our Assets. Most adults have a Will to ensure their assets will be disbursed to loved ones according to the owner of the estate.  However, a Will can get stuck in probate for years and can be contested by others that believe they are entitled, even if they were not mentioned in the Will.  Even more problems could exist if the owner of the estate is incapacitated prior to death.  A Living Trust can keep your assets out of probate and avoid the issues discussed above.  You owe it to your loved ones not to leave them in the position of making life or death decisions if you are ever incapacitated prior to death.  This show will explain/define the difference between a Will and a Living Trust as well as how to set it up.   Christmas DecorationShould You Attempt To Sell Your Home During Christmas? Many home owners ask if it is feasible to market your home during Christmas?  Should you put up Christmas Decorations if the home is For Sale?  We discuss all the pros and cons for both questions during this show.   As with any question, it always depends on several variables.  We also have our Mortgage Update with Erica Hill West, Mortgage Consultant with Mortgage Network.  Erica describes two options for those looking to purchase a Fixer Upper and needing to finance the cost of repairs.  Erica also describes how to purchase a home using owner financing for a short period to help a home buyer that may not qualify for  a loan initially. schelp South Carolina State Housing Authority offers Down Payment Assistance You may qualify for up to $15,000 in forgivable down payment assistance when buying a home as a first time home buyer and you make less than $64,000 per year.  A first time home buyer is anyone that has not owned a home in the last three years.  If you already own a home and having trouble making your mortgage payment due to loss of job or cut in pay, the state has money to make your payment for up to two years and you do not have to pay it back.  If you are ready to purchase a home and want to make sure you get all the FREE money for down payment you can get, call Frankie Griffin at 803-315-7303.  Frankie Griffin is the owner and Broker-in-Charge of the Palmetto Success Team in Columbia, South Carolina. nilson Moving Made Easy with Nilson Van and Storage Moving is the most dreaded part of buying and/or selling your home.  Nilson Van and Storage will eliminate the dread we so much hate.  Now you can feel good about selling or buying a new home.  They will formulate a plan just for your needs.  Andy Aun provides his legal update and Erica Hill West also provides us with the weekly mortgage update.

  Time to turn your Sun Room and other bonus rooms into Heated Living Area.
  Many home owners have a Sun Room to enjoy sitting and relaxing.  Most of these rooms cannot be counted as Heated Living Area which could cost you value.  You may find that you can only enjoy the Sun Room for limited days throughout the year due to being too cold or hot.  Tim Mozley, Owner of Carolina Conditions, explains how we can cure the issue by installing a Mini Split System.  This is very economical and will ensure you Sun Room can be enjoyed every day of the year.  Another issue Tim solves is how to evenly distribute air throughout the home.  Have you ever noticed some rooms are always much hotter or cooler than the rest of the house?  Time to fix that problem also.
The Palmetto Success Team provides Services unlike any other!
As the homeowner, you want to make sure the Real Estate Company you choose to sell your home has a marketing plan to put you a successful position.  We invest in excess of $1,000 of our money when your home goes on the market.  We want to ensure your home is the most attractive home for potential buyers as well as protecting the best interest of the seller.  The Palmetto Success Team will provide a current appraisal, home inspection, warranty, professional photography as well as making your home the Featured Property on the Success in Real Estate Radio Show.  If you are ready to sell or buy a home in the Midlands of South Carolina, give me a call at 803-315-7303, so we can discuss all the service we provide and how we will help you meet your objective.
It may be a good time for a Reality Check if you are Selling your Home.
If you are selling your home, it is important to know and understand what buyers are looking for and very much expect to get today.  Buyers are looking to get the most they can get when buying a home today.  Updates are critical in the Kitchen and Bathrooms.  The days where buyers look for the cheap fixer upper is almost gone.  They want to buy and move in.  Although granite counter tops have been the expectation of buyers in the recent past, now buyers are looking for homes with Quartz Counter Tops.
Celebrating our Risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!
Thi week we put Real Estate aside and celebrate Easter.  Because Jesus died and rose again, we have Hope!  Enjoy listening with my guest, Rep Kenny Bingham, as well as the music we greatly enjoy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Understanding Property Taxes in South Carolina

 How does South Carolina stack up compared to other states in taxing real property?  Why are similar properties taxed at different amounts.  How does ACT 388, the new Point of Sale Tax Law, affect your properties tax?  Erica Hill West explains how the new law lowering the mortgage insurance premiums for FHA loans may make it very beneficial to refinance your current loan to save money.

killers  Top 10 Deal Killers for Home Sellers!
  1.  If you currently have your home on the market for sale or if you plan to sell your home soon, you absolutely have to listen to this show.  Also, Erica Hill West, Mortgage Consultant with Mortgage Network, explains how your credit score affects the terms of your loan.  Contact the Palmetto Success Team if you are ready to get your home sold so you can move on!


mistakeTop FIVE Biggest Selling Mistakes by Homeowners!
  1. We discuss the top five biggest selling mistakes in real estate.  They are very common mistakes many homeowners make and always costs the seller considerable time and money.


Born We celebrate the Birth of our Lord and Savior during this Christmas Season.
  Enjoy our Christmas show as we Praise God for sending His Son to defeat our sins and death.  


hvac What you need to know to keep your HVAC system working properly and effectively.
 The Heating and Air Unit (HVAC) is one of the most expensive components of your home.  If it is not working properly, it can also drive up your electric bill every month.  The best way to keep your unit working effectively is to have a maintenance agreement with a reputable heating and air company such as Carolina Conditions in Columbia, SC.  You will find out very quickly that preventive maintenance will be much cheaper than corrective maintenance.  Carolina Conditions not only keeps your HVAC unit working properly, they also make sure your ducts are well maintained and blowing clean air into your home.  If you or someone in your home is have problems with allergies, you may very well find out your ducts need to be cleaned. 
home inspection
What is the purpose of a Home Inspection?
  Home Buyers should understand the purpose of a home inspection before requesting one?  The obvious reason for a home inspection is to determine the condition of the home before you purchase the home.  One purpose of the home inspection should not be used for is a means to require the homeowner to put the house back in mint/new condition.  If the home has some age, there will be some degree of wear and tear.  We typically refer to these type issues as cosmetic.  The home should be priced when it goes on the market in its current condition.  Home buyers are acting in a unreasonable manner when they use the home inspection to try and force the homeowner to make cosmetic repairs even though the home is priced with the knowledge and understanding of the cosmetic issues.  Home inspections should be used to discover hidden and material/latent defects with the property.   
ChristmasShould you list/sell your home during the Holiday Season. (Click HERE to Listen to the Success in Real Estate Show)
Holiday Season is here!  Is this a good time of the year to market your home for sale?  If your property is currently on the market, do you plan to take it off the market until after Christmas?  Obviously, there are pros and cons to list/sell now or wait till the new year.  We discuss the pros and cons of selling your home over the holidays. 
insuranceHomeowners could terminate their insurance by moving out of the house.
Did you know by moving out of your home, there is a good chance you could be terminating your home owners insurance policy.  You also could be taking on additional liability by allowing others on or in your property.  How can we as homeowners, protect ourselves and keep our insurance in tact?  Our guest, Craig Giles, owner of Giles Insurance Agency, explains how and what to do to protect ourselves and our property. 
fall   Is the Fall a good time to put your home on the market for Sale? 
  Is the Fall a viable time of the year to put your home on the market?  We look at the trends,     both past and present, and consider the fact that existing home sales rose in July 2.4%.  This number represents the highest increase in 2014.  We also discuss the fact that home values have increased and Days On Market (DOM) have decreased.  The Fall is looking very good for selling real estate in the Midlands of South Carolina.  The key to selling now or any other time of the year is the degree and type marketing to make the home appealing to a buyer.  We discuss the marketing during this show. 
    Is Auctioning your home and/or contents a viable option?     (Click here to watch video of this show)
    What options do we have after listing a home for sale if the home does not sale?  Auction may very well be the best option.  The biggest concern home owners typically have with auctions is the potential we may not get a bid high enough to meet our objectives.  The reality is the owner can set the lowest bid acceptable to ensure the objectives are met.  Rafe Dixon, Auctioneer and President of the SC Auctioneers Association, explains how the auction will work.  The auction can be conducted on site on online.                
expo logo   SC Real Estate Expo
We make the HUGE announcement about the First Annual SC Real Estate Expo.  This Expo will be a full day event featuring something for everyone!  It will include break out sessions for those wanting information about starting a career in Real Estate as well as sessions for those wanting information about the home buying/selling process.  Learn how to get approved for a loan and repair credit if needed.  The main attraction will be a four hour seminar on Making it BIG in Real Estate.  Our speaker will be Five Time Best Selling Author Frank McKinney, a National Multimillionaire Investor.  Frank McKinney joins me on this show to discuss much of the subject matter of his upcoming seminar. 
expo logo              South Carolina Real Estate Expo
We make the HUGE announcement about the First Annual SC Real Estate Expo.  This Expo will be a full day event featuring something for everyone!  It will include break out sessions for those wanting information about starting a career in Real Estate as well as sessions for those wanting information about the home buying/selling process.  Learn how to get approved for a loan and repair credit if needed.  The main attraction will be a four hour seminar on Investing in Real Estate.  Our speaker will be Five Time Best Selling Author Frank McKinney, a National Multimillionaire Investor. Erica Hill West discusses some key points to restore credit scores!   Andy Aun with Aun and McKay Law Firm, provides another real estate horror story.  
  The Palmetto Success Team has a clear and concise Marketing Plan  (Click here to watch)  If you are selling your home, what specific questions do you have for a listing agent?  Most questions include; What is your marketing plan to sell my home?  How much can you sell my home for? How long will it take to sell my home.  The Palmetto Success Team makes a large investment in every home we list and sell which benefits every seller and buyer.  In short, sellers will see and experience huge value when they allow the Palmetto Success Team to represent their interest.  Give us a call at 803-315-7303 if we can help you in your next real estate transaction. 
flooding  Water Restoration and Mold Remediation  (Click here to watch)  A homeowners nightmare is coming home and finding a room or the house is flooded due to a busted water line.  If that should happen, what is the next step?  Can you just dry everything out and know mold will not become a problem?  Is there a difference between mildew and mold and how do you know when either one is a potential health problem?  Larry Harris, owner of All Clear Restoration of SC, answers these questions and much more.  Larry is the EXPERT when it comes to water restoration and mold remediation.  Andy Aun, with Aun and McKay Law Firm, discusses his horror story concerning water damaged property and mold issues.      
stigma    What is a Stigma and what are Real Estate Agents required to Disclose?  (Click here to watch)  How do you know if the home you are buying is stigmatized?  A stigmatized property means something has happened in or on the property that may cause concern to many potential home buyers.  A very common stigma is when someone has died in the home.  Many are not willing to live in a home where they know someone else has died.  Does the Real Estate Agent have to disclose this fact to the home buyer?  Short answer is NO.  Stigmas do not create a material defect with the home and agents are only required to disclose material facts and material defects with the property.  If a buyer asks a specific question of the agent such as, “Has anyone died in the house?”  If the agent knows the answer, then the agent must answer the question.  Agents only have to disclose stigmas if they receive a specific question about the stigma.
foundation (Click here to watch)  Foundation problems with your home can be a very stressful situation.  How do you know when you need to do something or when to monitor the situation?  Dwayne Blanton, owner of Terratec, Inc., explains what to look for and why no work may be needed.  Dwayne will come out and provide a free inspection if you have a foundation concern and let you know what your next move should be.  If you see bricks in the foundations beginning to separate, you need to have it checked or inspected immediately.  The longer you put it off, the more damage you may be allowing to take place with your foundation.  Your foundation is keeping your home together, do not let crumble.
picture (Click to watch show)  Andy Aun, with Aun and McKay Law Firm, explains the issues and potential problems with allowing neighbors and friends to use any part of your property without your permission and/or agreement.  Allowing others to use your property could allow an easement of prescription to be created.  Once created, it can be very difficult to get rid of and could cause significant issues when you decide to sell your property.  Andy also explains how Landlords can legally get their tax assessment rate lowered from six percent to four percent.  Erica Hill West with Mortgage Network, explains how tenants can purchase the home they are renting by refinancing versus applying for a new loan, which is much easier to qualify for.
home inspection  (Click to watch show)  Should the home owner have a pre home inspection prior to putting the home on the market?  We discuss all the pros and cons with David Dubose, owner of Dubose Home Inspections.  We also take calls from listeners with their thoughts and opinions.  It’s understandable that home sellers do not want to hear or know about problems or issues with their home.  However, bad news does not get better with time.  If there are problems with your home, you need to know what the problems are before you commit to a sales price by accepting a buyers offer.  Andy Aun, with Aun and McKay Law Firm, discusses the issues with some agents not submitting the full contract of sale, to include addendums, prior to closing.
http://www.yhome  (Click to watch show.)  Buying and selling a home should be a pleasant and enjoyable experience.  Unfortunately, not all home buyers and sellers in South Carolina can say that.  My guest, Julie Brickly, sold a home and bought a new home recently.  Julie hired the Palmetto Success Team to Represent her in both transactions and explains why she made this decision.  Julie also explains what you should expect and look for when hiring a Real Estate Professional in South Carolina.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (Click to watch show.)     We discuss the appraisal definition of Market Value.  What are the considerations when determining what a potential buyer would be willing to pay for your home?  As you will hear in this show, it is critical to price your home right to get it sold.    I also answer the common question, Why do appraisers come back with a value equal to the contract price?  
home selling tips  (Click to watch show.)  Today we discuss the tools available in our Sellers Tool Box to get your home sold at the highest price and the shortest amount of time possible.  Erica West, Mortgage Consultant, explains how you can sell a rental property to a tenant so the tenant does not have to apply for new financing.  Rather, the tenant can apply for refinancing.  (Click on link to watch the Radio Show.)
What should home buyers consider and be prepared for when starting the home buying process?  The successful real estate transaction requires due diligence and preparation.  Serious home buyers should not just jump in the car and start looking at random homes for sale.  (Click on link to watch the Radio Show.)
Frankie questions why Richland County has decided to charge to access PUBLIC records online.  Do you know the difference between a Real Estate Agent and a Realtor?  Andy Aun, Attorney at Law, points out that agents may be taking on liability by measuring homes.  If agents do not measure homes, then who should?  Get the answer to this question and more by listening to this show.  (Click on link to watch the Radio Show.)
We all know updating Kitchens and Bathrooms sells homes.  In this show, I discuss ways to update/remodel your kitchen for under $500.  Should you as the homeowner attempt to sale your home by owner or should you just list with a Real Estate Agent?  This question and much more is discussed on Success in Real Estate.   (Click on link to watch the Radio Show.)
Tim Mozley, owner of Carolina Conditions, explains how cleaning your air ducts will reduce the issues so many home owners experience with allergies during the spring.  Air ducts collect pollen, dust, dirt, mildew, etc., all of which can cause the air you breath in your home to become contaminated.  (Click on link to watch the Radio Show.)
What happens to your property value after you purchase a new home in a new subdivision and a new builder takes over the subdivision and begins building smaller and cheaper homes?  We also discuss tips to get online buyers to look at your home for sale.  (Click on link to watch the Radio Show.)
Are you having problems getting your builder to come back out after you have purchased the home, and fix problems and code violations?  You will want to watch this show.  Billy Aycock, owner of a Home Investigation Company, explains the process to to make builders fix the problems.  (Click on link to watch the Radio Show.)
We discuss the biggest Tips in preparing you home for sell to ensure the highest price in the shortest amount of time.  You will also hear from attorney Andy Aun with Aun and McKay Law Firm with this weeks Real Estate Horror Story.  (Click on link to watch the Radio Show.)
We discussed different types of flooring and the best way to clean the different types of flooring with our flooring expert, Paul Prince, owner of Door to Door Floors.  We also discussed methods to deal with landlords that do not comply with the lease when the heating and air conditioning goes out.  (Click on the link to watch the Radio Show.)
Are you seeking advice in preparation for buying a home?  This is the show for you.  We discuss items of consideration when choosing a Buyer’s Agent.  Unfortunately, many Buyers do not spend time asking the right questions of potential agents as most Sellers do when interviewing Agents to sell their home.  Also, the horror story of the week involves home Buyers buying a home to learn later, they cannot use their home in the manner they wanted when they purchased the home.  Sound representation and advice could have avoided this situation.  (Click on the link to watch the Radio Show.
This show answers any questions from our listeners which include finding a home or second home outside of the area you currently live in, mortgage update from Erica West with Mortgage Network and much more.  (Click on the link to watch the Radio Show)
Thinking about selling your home?  In this show, I discuss some very important topics all sellers should understand and prepare for to get the quickest sell.  I also talk about many security concerns and precautions you can take when selling your home.